Dear visitor,

It seems a quite logical choice to publish (part of) this website in English. Yet the choice not to do so, is just as logical. The extra investment that it entails cannot be justified at this time, since I put all I have into a proper start-up of several Dutch programs.

Moreover, there are ample high quality translation programs available that can provide insight into the more formal texts quickly enough. Please, feel free to copy-paste-translate yourself in any language of choice. Go ahead!

If, however, you are interested in an English spoken Sitting still like a frog.b or MBSR or a tailor-made training, then this can be arranged. Please get in touch via the contact page and indicate that you would like to be trained in English.


This video explains what is a blind spot in education and upbringing.
It also explains why it is good to train the mind.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish,
but a condition for taking care of the other.

English subtitled.